Achieved 68% engagement rate with custom audience lists.

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Hi, I’m back with good news.

Let’s get started right away.

1- Larry Kim achieved 68% engagement rate with custom audience lists.

How is it possible for 68 out of 100 people to click on your promotion?

To achieve this, it is important to which 100 people we promote.

Let’s look at Larry Kim.

He is the founder of Wordstream. He works on paid advertising. Larry discovers the magic of Twitter Custom Audiences.

Larry Kim explains:

Facebook has custom audiences, which are awesome in their own way. But Twitter wins here because for Facebook custom audiences to work, you need to have the email address or phone number of the people you want to reach. That’s a big stumbling block.

What if you want to reach Facebook users but you don’t know their email or phone number? Sorry, you’re out of luck!

On Twitter, the bar is much lower. All you need is a Twitter user’s handle to reach people with your promoted tweets. This really is the Holy Grail of Twitter advertising. Tailored audiences makes it super easy to get in front of any account.

Larry left us nothing more to say on the subject.

2- Changes in our way of working

First of all, many thanks for the high demand. This situation prompted us to look for a new method.

In order to realize the most efficient work, we started to work with a maximum of 5 companies every month.

We create a waiting list for the next month on our website.

It’s also more transparent now.

  • You can see the remaining time to register for the next month.
  • To register You can see the current status.

You can check by going to our website.