Serial Position Effect

Why do you remember beginnings and endings? The serial position effect is when we tend to remember the beginning and end of a conversation, situation, or content. Our memory is better at remembering the beginning and end of information. This is why we often remember the beginning and end of past events. This situation happens […]

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance refers to the tendency to ignore information that contradicts existing views. The goal is to make certain behaviors appear consistent with one’s image. When new information contradicts our preexisting hypotheses, we have a problem to solve. Cognitive dissonance refers to a state of tension that occurs when a person has two psychologically inconsistent […]

How is Confirmation Bias Used in Marketing and Persuasion Processes?

Personalized algorithms and news feeds create a filter bubble effect, enabling us to empower the thoughts we believe. This situation creates a confirmation bias. How is confirmation bias used in marketing and persuasion? Confirmation bias, knowledge is a cognitive shortcuts that we use when collecting and interpreting. Evaluating the evidence takes time and energy, and […]