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Hack Twitter ads. Group people according to what they write in their bio and show ads.

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List of people who write [Founder] and [CEO] in their bio.

Case study

Our advertising campaign targeting Founders or CEOs

Our aim was to prove that the product works and introduce it to the founders.
We showed them ads with our list of founders above. Here is our sponsored tweet.

High engagement rate / low cost

Using a correct target list increased engagement rate.
Our total expenditure is 7 Euros. This is really good
We have developed strategies that can reduce the cost 7 times more.

50% traffic rate (This is perfect)

50% of those who interacted made profile clicks.
We achieved 140+ visits and website traffic.

Comprehensive Twitter advertising guide is coming soon!

You no longer need an advertising consultant or hours of research. We are preparing a step-by-step ad guide for you, including how to hack Twitter ads and all the secrets. Contact us to get the guide.


What are Ncrementum lists?
  • Twitter bio keywords
  • Followers of your competitors
Twitter bio keywords

You can get a list of people using the keyword you want in their twitter bios. You can show ads by targeting these people.

Followers of your competitors

You can get a list of people who follow your competitors’ twitter accounts. And you show ads directly to your competitors’ fan base.

How to use Ncrementum lists?

You get your list for the target audience you set. You upload this list to the twitter ads target audience section. Twitter will match usernames in the background.

You then create a new ad campaign and select that list. You only show ads to these people.

What are the differences of advertising using Ncrementum lists?

Ncrementum lists allow you to choose a clearer audience from twitter’s own tools. For example; You show ads to people who write ‘xxx’ in their Twitter bio.

It increases the engagement rate of the tweet as the target audience is more relevant and clear. And because the quality of your ad increases, your advertising cost decreases.

Why and how did Ncrementum begin?

We like to break systems. We enjoy doing things that cannot be done.

Our goal is to get your business to the other party quickly, even without having a direct distribution channel or a community.

Life is too short to spend months on a product people won’t use. We have to test this fast.

To bring your product and service to the users quickly, to get the first users, to make experiments and to get feedback.

We bring efficiency to twitter ads to acquire new customers.

Who should get Ncrementum lists?

Ncrementum lists are suitable for anyone aiming to gain new customers/users. Primarily for founders and business owners, marketers, agencies and startups.

If you know how your target audience defines themselves, we will make sure you reach them.

Would it be efficient to show ads with Ncrementum lists?
  • You can check the case study section.
  • We advertise using our own listings to promote our business and service. This is how we met all of our new customers. Using the product for ourselves is our strongest social proof. Our ad campaign is a prime example of this.

Case study with Ncrementum lists

Our basic motto is to show ads to any group of people we want. That’s why we use the product for ourselves, too.

We had 2 goals.

  • To test how effectively the product works.
  • To introduce the product to business owners.

We have created a list of people who write “founder” and “CEO” in their Twitter profiles. And we showed these people the ad below.

The results were as follows.

896 people saw the tweet.

260 people interacted with the tweet (282 total including organic views)

So this means a 30% engagement rate.

The fact that 1 out of every 3 people is interested is a sign of how well the target audience is selected and the system works.​

146 of the 280 people who interacted clicked on the profile. That’s 50% and it was incredible.

This work enabled us to get dozens of website traffic and gain new users.

Standard twitter ad statistics

We’ve brought together Twitter ad experiences available on the web. We’ll look at the average engagement rate achieved with a regular ad on Twitter.

The engagement rate of a standard Twitter ad is between 1-3% on average.

You can find examples by searching for ‘Twitter ads engagements rate’ on Google.

2% engagement rate

Click on the picture to see all the

3.68% engagement rate

Click on the picture to see all the

An example from Larry Kim : 2.06% engagement rate

Click on the picture to see all the

1.59% engagement rate

Rival IQ 2021 research results:

Source: poweredbysearch

Standard ad vs Ncrementum

We achieved outstanding results compared to a standard ad.

Click on the picture to see all the

Can I do the targeting I want without using the Ncrementum lists?
  • You can advertise by targeting tags or interests. However, it is not possible to make a profile-based targeting this focused.

  • Targeting according to what they write in their bio is currently not possible with twitter’s options. You can only do this with Ncrementum lists.

  • You can look at the studies in the Case Study section about engagement rates of normal twitter ads. Or you can do your own research on the web.

What should be considered when choosing a target audience?

Who is your target audience? What are their titles? How do they describe themselves?

For example, you can get a list of:

  • Founders or CEOs,
  • Marketers,
  • Developers
  • Designers

Go deeper. Target your niche.

  • Shopify store owners
  • SEO experts
  • Digital marketers

And more. Choose your list based on how your target audience defines itself and your imagination.

Ncrementum pricing

We work on request and on a business-specific basis when preparing lists. Our goal is to make your business successful and contribute to your growth.

Ncrementum offers a portfolio of customers that you can buy once and use over and over again. Lists are not costs but capital for your business.

If you hesitate about the price, we would advise you to consider the benefits that you will obtain.

What are Ncrementum lists?

Twitter bio keywords

Twitter bio is where people define themselves.

For example; If you want to reach business owners, the people who write [Founder] or [CEO] in their twitter bio are your target audience. You will get people who use the keyword you want in their biography among millions of people.

It is not possible to do such targeting with a normal advertising work.

Break the systems and stand out from the competition.

Forget what was said about Twitter ads!

Hack ads with Twitter’s target audiences feature. Reach your target audience directly.

Follow the loop to hack Twitter ads.

A focused target audience

A good tweet

High engagement rate

Low advertising cost

What benefits Ncrementum lists offer you?

Such targeting can only be done with Ncrementum.

With Ncrementum, you can target a target that you cannot do with Twitter’s normal advertising options.

We don’t exaggerate! Ncrementum lists are the only way to hack Twitter to directly reach the relevant audience.

New customers, new sales.

Get new customers.

Make more profit.

Lower your advertising costs.

Provide high conversion rate.

Buy once, use forever.

The lists you will get are not a cost but an investment for your business.

So you get the list once and you can use it forever

How Twitter Ads work

E-mail list vs Username list

You do not have to have a mailing list to show ads to anyone you want on Twitter.

Just upload a list full of usernames. This is great.

Cost per conversion

For example, when you choose the website clicks objective, you will only be charged when someone clicks the link to your website.

Free organic traffic

When a user interacts with your tweet, their followers will also be able to see your tweet.

This is not reflected in your advertising cost. And you get free organic traffic.

Sevde Kapu


We have never encountered such a product before. Optimizing users for twitter bio descriptions worked pretty well.

Madelyn K.


When Ncrementum lists were used together with twitter data, the results were interesting.

Eric Finley


Reaching our competitors’ users has been a full growth hacking.

Mystery Shopper


The different perspective was impressive. Thanks for the whole advertising process.


Privacy is important. If you do not want your information to be shared, we keep it confidential.

Founder’s message

We don’t want the best product, service and content to be lost in noise. We help you meet the value you create with the right people

Denizcan Sanlav – Ncrementum

Our Statistics 


Number of competitors reached


Number of potential customers reached


We don’t want tens of thousands of dollars or dividends for every new customer you win. Take the list once, use it for every ad work.

List of followers of your competitors


List of followers of your competitor or desired twitter account.

$ 499

List by Twitter bio

Ultra focused

List of people using your desired keyword in their Twitter bio.

$ 999


Twitter advertising consultancy


Unlimited list usage

$ 4000

Payment method

We don’t want your credit card information. We receive your payment as a bank money transfer.

Delivery time

We will forward your list to you within 48 hours after submitting your request.

Delivery method

The spreadsheet link of the prepared list is shared. You can download it and use it in the desired format.

Unsure which program is right for you?

Do you have a different plan request? Or do you experience indecision?

Let’s discuss the best option for your goals together.

Who should get Ncrementum?

Every product that offers value expects to be used by people. This is about defining your target audience and how to reach them.

  1. Founder or CEO
  2. Marketing experts
  3. Agencies

Ncrementum helps an emerging value reach the right people. However, you must first have a useful product. Otherwise, even Elon Musk won’t be able to help.


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