Reach 27,310 people who write singers, artists or musicians on their Twitter profile.

Do you want to reach all the artists and musicians in the world?

You can reach them directly and promote your company. We have listed them all for you.

(An engagement rate of 68% was achieved with Twitter ads.)

  • The UK’s famous talent agencies use it.
  • Buy once, use constantly.


We set out with the vision of bringing businesses to the most niche potential customers.

Hello, I’m Deniz, the founder of Ncrementum.

We set out with the vision of bringing businesses to the most niche potential customers.

And we’ve succeeded in perfecting Twitter’s crappy advertising tool. We’ve built a tool that lists people on Twitter by what they’ve written in their profile bio. 

And in this way, by listing the target audience we want, we make it possible to show direct advertisements to those people.  

Selecting such a target audience is not possible by normal means.

We’ve done similar work with one of the UK’s major talent agencies. (According to the agreement, this information must be kept confidential.)

 And finally, we decided to productize this audience list.

We have listed the accounts that indicate a title or profession such as Musician, Singer, Artist in the Twitter profile.

If you are a talent agency, artist management agency or music manager, you can show ads to artists with this list.

Offer to work with them. Introduce your company. It totally depends on your imagination.

That list is here. You can reach these people in minutes by having the list.

Denizcan Sanlav


Larry Kim achieved a 68% engagement rate by targeting influencers.

All you need is a Twitter user’s handle to reach people with your promoted tweets. Tailored audiences makes it super easy to get in front of any account.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

68% engagement rate

Larry Kim’s custom audience lists

Larry Kim

WordStream – Founder

What’s on the list?

The list includes people who have entered the following keywords on their profiles.

Rapper – Rap artist
Singer – Songwriter
And more

In addition, accounts that include the keywords independent, management, production / producer, manager in their profiles.

How does artist targeting work?

It’s good to be an artist or a musician.  And those who do this work like to mention it in their profile.

There are 27,310 people on Twitter who have written artist, singer or musician in their profile bios.

All you have to do to reach them is to have this list.

Upload this list to twitter ads.

Twitter will match usernames and accounts on the list. Start an ad and select this list as your target audience.

Show ads only to people on this list. 

Check out the sample list.

List of people who write [MUSICIAN] and [SINGER] in their bio.

Within 48 hours, the post picked 500+ press mentions and 100K visitors. All of this with just a $50 budget and 10 minutes of campaign setup.

Twitter lists are a great way to organize your followers, clients, influencers, and your team members. Many people know this feature but very few actually utilize it.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Neil Patel

Founder – Marketer

Who is Artist list for?

Talent Agencies who want to grow their business…

  • If you want to reach a fully focused audience, you’re a great fit.

  • If you want to get high conversion, you’re a great fit.

  • If you are making investments to grow your business and increase revenue, you’re a great fit.

  • If you want to stand out from mediocre advertisers on Twitter, you’re a great fit.

  • If you think differently and like to try innovative things, you’re a great fit.

  • If you do not want to hire high fees and long term agency, you’re a great fit.

  • If you are targeting everyone

  • If you don’t address a title or interest.

  • If you don’t have a good product or service

If you reach your target audience but want to increase your conversions;

Contact us to increase your conversions by adapting Behavioral Economics to marketing.

Compare with standard ad

  • Let’s say you get a title list of 20,000 people. ( Whoever your target audience is. ) With title targeting, you know who you are showing ads to.

  • You run a “Reach” campaign with an average payment of $5 per thousand impressions. With an ad spend of $100, you will reach your most focused target audience.

Here are our title targeting results:

Case Study

This ad earned us hundreds of website traffic and new customers. Almost without spending money.

  • It’s not possible to target title or bio in Twitter’s ad settings.

  • To reach your target audience of 20,000 people, you need to show ads to hundreds of thousands of people. Because you can’t choose.

  • This results in inefficient advertising and high spending.

Here are our standard ad results:

Case Study

We’re really curious to whom Twitter is showing our ad.

Get new customers with the 6 superpowers of Twitter ads

  • Custom audience lists are the best way to hack Twitter.
  • No need for email addresses or private information.
  • You can show ads to people you want with only @usernames list.
  • When promoted tweets receive likes and retweets, they are also shown to other people.

  • These screenings are completely free.

  • You can retarget people who are interested in your ad.
  • You spend only for those interested. No wasted budget.
  • You can create more impact by segmenting the interested audience.
  • Storytelling is the best way to transform your audience.
  • Threads get more reach than standard tweets.
  • Storytelling is always memorable.
  • Promotion to an ultra-focused audience provides a high engagement rate.
  • Twitter rewards this. You pay less per impression.
  • It’s best to start a Reach campaign with a custom audience list.
  • You get the highest conversion with the least cost.


Target 27,310 people who write artists, musicians, singers on their Twitter profile.


27,310 people

Artists, musicians, singers

Buy once, use constantly.

Reach your target audience today.


Questions we’re most often asked

How can I use my audience list?

This is pretty simple.

1- Title You get your target audience in excel, csv format.

2- You upload your list to Twitter ads custom audiences. Twitter will match the usernames in the list in an average of 6 hours.

3- When starting a new ad, you can only show ads to those people by selecting the custom audience list.

You will learn in detail in the Twitter ads guide.

How is this worth the price?

If you’re here right now and reading this, you’ve probably seen our twitter introduction.

This example is the ultimate proof that title targeting works. We do not offer a standard advertising service. We provide a target audience that is not normally attainable. And we are quite ambitious about it.

How is our workflow?


How personal are the lists?

Every company’s target audience is unique. You can choose a title or an area of interest where you define your niche audience. For example; The marketing category contains many sub-titles. By targeting sub-titles, you get a narrower and more focused audience.

This is great for addressing them directly and personalizing your message.

Is Twitter the right place to get customers?

Billions of people spend hours on Twitter. Where there are people, the economy will always exist. If you know your target audience well, contact us. We are eager to discuss what we can do.

What makes title targeting different?

Title targeting is something twitter doesn’t offer in its ad settings. The title targeting we have created is a method that improves Twitter’s advertising tool and uses it more effectively.

For a standard advertisement, you can make selections such as subject, tag, person and location.

However, title targeting (profile bio targeting) is not something you can do normally. We’ve improved Twitter’s advertising tool, making it much more effective. You upload your list using custom audiences.

And it is now clear who you are advertising to. No wasted budget and no uncertainty.

How to use the custom audience list?

Unlike others, twitter only allows you to upload a list of usernames and advertise to those people. You can do this if you have private and confidential information such as e-mail, phone number, city on other social platforms.

But having usernames on twitter is enough.

If you want to try, list 200+ usernames in excel. Save the file as csv and upload it to twitter ads. When you want to start a new promotion, you can show ads to that list. 🙂

Will I learn about Twitter ads?

We’ll send you a twitter ads guide along with your title lists. With this guide, we will guide you even if you have no knowledge. We will share with you some key information about ads as a result of our experience to date. These key information prevent you from wasting money and time by experimenting.

What are the payment methods?

You can safely pay by credit card or bank transfer from anywhere in the world. With the assurance of Superpeer, Stripe and Paypal.

What are the contents of the 3 different plans?
Information Consultancy
In cases where you do not have a target audience list request, we will help you to solve your problems with one-on-one meetings. We cover how to be more persuasive using cognitive biases and behavioral economics in marketing.

Information consultancy topics are as follows;

  • How is behavioral economics used in marketing?
  • Which cognitive biases are more effective for increasing our website conversion?

What kind of marketing strategy should be followed to determine and reach the target audience?

Title targeting

In line with your business, goals and budget, we agree on your target audience and send your list to you. We don’t want you to need anyone else. Get your list for your target audience. Use the Twitter ads guide to reach them. Apply the Behavioral Economics guide to influence them and convert them into your customers.

Twitter Advertising Consulting
This service is preferred when you do not want to run the business yourself with the twitter ads guide we have prepared. We work together for 14 days. You can get 3 target audience lists. In addition to the creation of your target audience, we work on an effective advertisement.

What is the average ad engagement rate on Twitter?
Searching the web, we got results from some advertisers. Engagement rate with a standard twitter ad is around 2% on average. Below you can find some examples.

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